Baybayin The Palawan Script


A unique tale of two half-sisters falling in love with a man who cannot hear or speak — proof that love can blossom even in silence.

Release Date:    November 29-December 4, 2012
Cinema One Originals Film Festival

Genre:    A Mystical Drama
Studio:    Cinema One Originals
Plot Outline:    Two half sisters are reunited and fall in love with a deaf-mute native. Their only way of communication is the Baybayin, an ancient Palawanon script. Their love grows amidst the silences and letters in the pristine coasts of Palawan. Based on an indigenous Palawan myth.
Starring:    Alessandra de Rossi, Assunta de Rossi & Adrian Sebastian with Ruby Moreno, Mon Confiado, Sue Prado, Olivier Borten
Directed By:    Auraeus Solito
Written By:    Kanakan-Balintagos
Screenplay By:    Kanakan-Balintagos & Rody Vera
Produced By:    Cinema One Originals & Solito Arts Productions

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